Privacy rules under HIPAA

The privacy rules, which come under HIPAA, are not something, which is completely new for any person. Many people would have gone through the experience of signing the HIPAA form when they went for a visit to the doctor and this form will be stored along with the medical records of the patient. People who have had to undergo any kind of medical tests or those who have been hospitalized before would have to sign a HIPAA form along with many other consent forms.

In 1996, the US Congress passed the health insurance portability and accountability act, which will help in providing more protection for people with regard to insurance and the privacy of their medical information. These rules were also designed to help in improving the security measures with regard to the electronic exchange of data. The privacy rules of HIPAA were enforced in 2003, and these were designed to provide protection for the medical information of all patients like the status of their health, payment for the required health care etc. These rules regarding privacy will ensure that medical records of the patient and the details regarding the payment for the medical facilities are well guarded and protected.

The privacy rules which come under HIPAA state that any person or individual can ask for any kind of incorrect information to be completely removed from their medical records. Every individual also has the right to ensure that the privacy of his or her personal information has been maintained. Personal information pertains to personal contact details like the address, telephone number, social security number etc.

If a person does not want any of his personal information to be revealed, then the authorities should respect this right. This law also gives people the right to procure a copy of their medical records whenever they want and this copy should be delivered within thirty days of the request being submitted. If any person feels that the security of his or her personal information has been compromised in any manner, then they can file a complaint with the office of civil rights, which comes under the department of Health and Human Services.


All the health care agencies, which come under HIPAA, should ensure that all the medical records of the patient are kept extremely private and confidential. The payment records of the patients also come under this. Just as how there are exceptions to every rule, this rule does not apply when there is a case of child abuse being investigated and the required information will have to be revealed to the concerned authorities.more news at

If someone has placed a request for personal information, then all the required authorization forms should be signed by the concerned individual before any kind of personal medical information or contact information has been released to the concerned authorities. Only the necessary amount of information should be released and nothing more than that should be revealed. An official should be posted in order to ensure that the privacy of the information has been preserved as much as possible.follow her latest news and updates.

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