Need for adherence to HIPAA regulations

Farah Fawcett who is well known all over the world for the famous roles, which she has portrayed on television as well as films, was recently on the news headlines when confidential medical information about her health problems had been leaked to all the tabloids and newspapers.

Though many people have made statements about letting film stars and celebrities having some privacy, the act of publicizing the medical details of Ms Fawcett is a violation of a federal law. The Health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996 was created in order to ensure that the medical records of every person are stored and maintained in a confidential manner and no person will be allowed to access this information without the right kind of authorization.

Companies, which are involved in the collection of health, related information from people will be known as covered entities under HIPAA. All these entities will have to abide by all the rules and regulations, which come under HIPAA. All kinds of hospitals, clinics, health insurance companies which deal in medical policies, private practices which are being conducted by general practitioners, specialists, dentists, chiropractors, psychiatrists, psychologists and all kinds of medical billing centers and collection agencies are some of the covered entities which come under HIPAA. It is very essential to safeguard the information pertaining to every patient regardless of how many employees there are in an organization.

Patients who are coming to a clinic or a hospital for medical attention should be rest assured that all their details will be kept full information at

All the employees of the organization should make sure that the privacy of the information with regard to the patient has not been compromised in any manner. All the medical information which come under the purview of these medical laws are details of the prescription, records of the past medical history of the patient, record of all the appointments, messages which have been delivered either over the phone or through voice mail, forms with regard to medical insurance as well as insurance claims and any kind of information with regard to billing.


When the information, which has been stored regarding the patient, becomes outdated, it should be destroyed in such a manner that no traces are left and the privacy of the patient is also protected. All companies and organizations, which have been classified, as covered entities under HIPAA should make adequate arrangements to ensure that all the relevant documents have been destroyed in a proper manner. Every single bit of paper or printout should be eliminated in the right manner.

Simply throwing the papers in the garbage dump does not mean that the right measures have been resorted to. It is possible for anyone to find a stray piece of paper inside a garbage dump and this can give them access to a lot of information like credit card numbers as well as addresses. It is always better to make use of professional services in order to make sure that all stale medical records have been shredded and disposed in the right manner.

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