HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage That is Affordable and Easy to Use.

Which is the Most Important?

In an ideal world you will find the cheapest and easiest to use HIPAA compliant cloud storage service provider straight off and with minimal effort on your part. In reality you will have to weigh the cost of the service versus the cost involved. And ask yourself which is the most important?

Is Affordability Your Main Criteria?

Is cost is an important factor in making you decision on which HIPAA compliant cloud storage company you use? Firstly in reaching your decision you need to look at all the costs, not just the headline price.

You cannot compare the cost of HIPAA compliant storage with standard storage, you should expect to pay more. The cost to the service provider is much more than that of a standard service provider. They need an employee who is responsible for compliance, all employees need to be trained in complying with HIPAA and they will have to sign a business associate agreement (BAA) with you.

These additional costs to be able to provide a HIPAA compliant service to you add costs to them. Added to that there is simply the law of supply and demand. There are far fewer companies, due to the stringent requirements placed on them, providing a HIPAA compliant service that those providing a standard service.read latest news at http://www.newswiretoday.com/news/145132/.

What About Ease of Use?

With some HIPAA compliant cloud storage service providers they provide and automatic encryption and encryption service so that anything sent to the cloud for storage is secure. Others just guarantee to keep the files you have sent secure. So before you send out a document to the cloud for storage it needs to be manually encrypted.

When you retrieve it, the document needs to be manually decrypted.

Not only is that not an easy method of storing you files it is time consuming and adds a cost to your business. Looking at some hypothetical figures, say one service, Company A, costs $100 per month and a second one, Company B, costs $200 per month, a difference of $100. The service provided by Company A needs you to manually encrypt and decrypt every file you send and receive. If you then look at the number of files you send and receive each month and multiply that by the cost of the person who is doing the encryption and decryption. With Company B you just need to click on the file you are going to send and it automatically is encrypted and sent. When you retrieve a file the same thing happens in reverse. The $100 difference is perhaps a little different than appears at first sight.this website helps you a lot of informative information.

HIPAA compliant solutions

Another Point to Remember.

The penalties for breaching HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules range from $100 up to $250,000 plus 10 years imprisonment, plus a place on the Department of Health and Human Services Wall off Shame. To lay yourself open to these potential penalties all because someone forgot to encrypt some files puts the $100 difference in perspective.

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