Some medical affiliated companies will use a Hipaa compliant cloud storage company to store their information and data. They have decided to choose this as a back up storage because most of this information is vital for their financial background and also for the health and well being of their patients. If this information is just stored on their computers in the office or facility, and the computer crashes without proper back up procedures, all of this vital information is lost. Many times there is not way to retrieve it. If there happens to be a fire or a flood or some kind of natural disaster as to where the computer system is destroyed, there is also many times no way to retrieve this vital information and could cost patients their lives.

What Is Hipaa?

HipaaHipaa stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This act regulates how sensitive patient data has to be protected. Any company that deals with protected health information are required to make sure that all required network and physical security measures are being followed for the protection of the patient and their privacy. So any company that deals with medical information including storage of any type of physical paper records or cloud internet storage, must be responsible and reliable to be able to properly store medical records. More information about Hipaa hosting are in this site:

Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Cloud Storage

  • How secure is the storage system
  • How reputable is the company that offers it
  • How accessible are the records to you if you need to access them
  • What are the requirements that are needed to access the records
  • If a problem occurs, does the company offer enough customer service to you

The Importance Of Privacy

Choosing the correct hipaa compliant hosting company is not always about the cost. If you find a company that will offer you cloud storage and a fraction of the cost to everyone else, be sure and check out their security measures and their reputation. There could be a reason that is not good and could in the long run cost you much more than the few dollars that you could save. Choosing a company with a good reputation and security measures is a much safer way to make your decision. Protecting your information and your patients private information should be your number one concern when making your selection. Check here to find how HIPAA can be ideal to store your health data?

When it comes to a patients medical records, it is vital that they do not become public knowledge. When a patient visits your office of facility it now becomes your responsibility to make sure that their information stays private and confidential. It is illegal for anyone in your facility to give out information to anyone without signed written consent of your patient. If you have made the decision to store your information with a cheaper company that has a cheaper security level, you might find yourself fighting a legal battle. This decision must be made with care and consideration of all of the security factors when you are selecting your Hipaa compliant cloud storage, to back up medical records.